Startseite Andechser: Sustainable dairy farming – the right way!

Andechser: Sustainable dairy farming - the right way!

Communicating sustainable dairy farming in a credible way with the KlimaBauer

E&Z’s challenge: Image change: just how climate-friendly dairy farming can be. But how do we communicate this?

As an organic dairy, Andechser Molkerei Scheitz is committed to sustainable management in a very special way. An important part of this is the close, cooperative partnership with its dairy farmers.

An idea was sought with which the importance of farmers for the company and the significance of climate protection could be equally demonstrated and credibly communicated.


E&Z’s approach: Supporting especially sustainable farmers and increasing their visibility

In cooperation with the dairy, Engel & Zimmermann developed the concept of the KlimaBauer. Through this initiative, participating farmers are supported in their efforts to save CO2 and receive scientific support. In this way, the dairy saves CO2 along its own value chain and emphasises its close cooperation with farmers in terms of sustainable agriculture.

E&Z developed and implemented B2B communication measures such as press events and information material. Ideas for addressing end consumers were then developed.


E&Z’s results: Klimabauer becomes a model project

Continuous press relations with publications in all relevant trade media have contributed to the fact that KlimaBauer is now perceived in the industry as a successful prime example of credible and sustainable management in the dairy industry. In addition to the marketing measures, it has also been possible to give KlimaBauer a presence among end consumers by addressing the local and general media.

Frank Schroedter

Managing Director

Engel & Zimmermann
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