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Communication for special target groups

Agency for B2B Communication

Addressing our customers’ target groups in a targeted manner via selected channels and without wastage is our central task in B2B communication.

Our services

Trade Media Work

We find the relevant trade media for our clients and create varied content for a regular flow of information.

  • Press Releases
  • Technical and Author Contributions
  • Case Studies, Advertorials
  • Advertisements
  • Graphics
  • Press Talks
  • Trade Fair Communication
  • Social Media


Clients, employees and applicants expect companies to address the issue of sustainability and actively do something about it. We make sure that the target groups find out about it.

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Conception, Text & Graphics for Sustainability Reports According to Various Standards
  • Integration into Overall Corporate Communications
  • Social Media

Internal Communication

Finding new skilled workers is difficult. Retaining good employees is easier. We support our clients in positioning themselves as attractive and sustainable employers

  • Employee App
  • Employee Newspaper
  • Cover Letter
  • Video Messages
  • Speeches
  • Employee Events
  • Social Media

Site PR

Companies are an important part of the region. Good relations with the media, politicians, NGOs and other stakeholders contribute to a good reputation and help to achieve goals.

  • Talks with Politicians
  • Policy Briefs
  • Round Table Talks
  • Publications
  • Events
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media

Employer Branding

An attractive employer brand helps to attract skilled workers. Based on an employee survey, we develop an authentic positioning as well as formats and channels for communication.

  • Employee Surveys
  • Employer Brand
  • Job Advertisements
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Campaign
  • Social Media
  • HR Trade Fair Communication

Our experts

Andreas Voelmle
Head of consulting

B2B Communication Tailored to the Target Group

B2B companies often offer technical products that require explanation and are only of interest to selected target groups. Our customers produce, for example, products and services for the building trade, roofers, restaurateurs and hotel owners, for forest owners, port operators, intralogistics service providers, suppliers to industry, IHK or car manufacturers. Addressing these target groups in a targeted manner and without wastage is our central task in B2B communication. For this variant of sales support, sustainable relationships with the editorial offices of relevant trade magazines are needed, which are regularly covered with editorial formats in connection with advertisements or invited to press talks. Contributions on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instragram as well as the communicative support of events and industry trade fairs round off the B2B communication.

The Right Formats: Case Studies, Technical Papers and Press Releases

B2B communication focuses on the company’ own products, services and successes as well as on addressing them in a way that is appropriate for the target group. The advantages over the competition’soffering are elaborated in a comprehensible way for the target groups and core messages are formulated, which are regularly featured via the media relevant to the target group in the form of press releases, technical articles or case studies. In addition, the content is also prepared and distributed for the company’s own social media channels.

Sustainability Aspects without Greenwashing

Climate protection is also an important factor in corporate communication. For manufacturing companies, the careful use of natural resources and waste avoidance play a key role. Sustainability reports are becoming the standard – not just for our customers who participate in public tenders. It can also be assumed that in future private clients will take greater account of sustainability aspects when awarding contracts. Young professionals also attach great importance to the fact that their employer actively addresses the issue of climate protection. We support our clients on the path to a sustainability strategy, design and implement sustainability reports and also include all sustainability aspects in the entire communication – honestly and authentically, without engaging in assailable greenwashing.

Attract Employees with a Credible Employer Brand

In order to successfully recruit staff in times of a shortage of skilled workers, we develop an employer brand for our clients based on employee surveys. We are convinced that only an authentic employer brand can be credible and successful in the long term. The employer branding strategy is communicated via selected social media channels and at recruitment fairs, supported by successful employer communication via the regional media, taking into account the issue of sustainability.

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When do companies need a sustainability report?

Strategy workshop

Communication concept

Continuous communication

We analyse communication goals, target groups, stakeholders, core messages and topics together with you in a half- to full-day kick-off workshop.