Energy & Infrastructure

Increasing the use of domestic energy sources, renewable energy sources and natural gas is the focus of our work.

On behalf of our clients, we communicate with the market, politicians and citizens. Engel & Zimmermann’s energy team handles all corporate communications, ensures that infrastructure projects are communicated to citizens, or anchors clients’ positions with politicians and associations.


The hospital market is undergoing change – toward more competition and public attention from the media, doctors and patients. Developments in other industries show where the journey is heading in health care: The Internet enables new forms of participation and individual exchange of opinions, including on medical treatments.

The information monopoly of the general practitioner, who was previously able to determine the type and location of treatment, has thus changed in favor of the patient. In response to these developments, players in the health care sector must find appropriate and functioning strategies in the future.

Trade, Finance & Services

In the financial world and in the service sector, a clear competence profile is required. Interdependencies and strategies need to be explained. Persuasion is required – actors and content must match.

Advancing globalization and the effects of the global financial crisis – low interest rates and more regulations are just two key words – are changing the market environment and presenting players with completely new challenges. How can attractive returns be generated? How can one’s own positioning be made credible and sustainable? How must the financial industry deal with increasingly critical interest groups?

Industry & Capital goods

Companies in the industrial and capital goods sector communicate differently than companies that manufacture products for end consumers. Their target groups are relatively small, have very specific needs and are mostly technically oriented.

For our clients, we therefore communicate either directly with the target groups via a wide variety of channels or via special industry trade media, thereby actively supporting sales.

In terms of content, the focus is primarily on the presentation of new products and services, the accompanying communication around industry trade fairs, the processing of reference examples and the placement of specialist or author contributions.

Food & FMCG

Hardly any other industry is under such critical public scrutiny as the food industry. High political pressure, increasingly professional campaigns by NGOs, critical media and ultimately consumers who make their voices heard thanks to the possibilities offered by social networks are creating an environment that is increasingly putting food-producing companies on the defensive and under pressure to justify themselves.

At the same time, classic media, just like social media, offer a wide range of opportunities to successfully stage brands and products with tailored ideas.

Public sector clients & associations

Engel & Zimmermann takes on tasks for public clients with an experienced team of consultants and expertise in many political fields of work. We communicate in citizen participation processes for municipalities, design regional and national campaigns for public concerns and are communication partners for a wide range of public institutions.

In doing so, we meet the requirements for processes as well as ensuring our high quality standards. Our consultants have experience with private-sector interest groups as well as with public institutions and ministries at state and federal level.