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Be it a sustainability strategy or a CSR report, we communicate sustainability with credibility

Agency for Sustainability Communication

There is no way around sustainability any more. Central to credible PR: a sound basis and a focus on social demands and crisis potential.

Our services

CSR Reporting

Website, brochure or a complete CSR report? If you want to convey sustainability in a credible way, you have to provide background information and facts. Find the right format and the best stories with us.

  • Realisation of sustainability reports (also in accordance with reporting standards such as GRI or DNK and also according to ESRS)
  • Development of the editorial concept
  • Graphic design of sustainability publications
  • Project management for the entire process

Sustainability Kickoff

You develop your sustainability strategy. We support you in credible communication. Find PR-relevant issues, messages and stories with us and learn where crises lurk.

  • Basic workshop: “The path to credible sustainability communication: What do you need for it and what is there to consider?”
  • Support in the strategy process: PR themes, messages, stories and crisis potentials.
  • Development of a central idea for sustainability communication

Communicating Strategically

As a PR agency, we support you in communicating sustainability in a targeted and attention-grabbing way. Plan for the long term and choose the appropriate means – from classic press relations to dialogue with stakeholders.

  • Sustainability PR: Development of a communication and content strategy
  • Crisis prevention: Crisis checkup sustainability
  • Stakeholder dialogue: Development of tailor-made formats for communication with the public, NGOs and politics
  • Online monitoring of issues and reports

Our experts

Frank Schroedter
Managing Director
Nadine Hofer
Head of consulting

Sustainability must be credible

Climate protection, human rights, plastic reduction: on many issues that move the public, companies are the key – and often miles ahead of politics. At the same time, they are critically scrutinised from many sides and their commitment questioned – not always without prejudice. This makes it all the more important to credibly communicate your own efforts and milestones in the area of sustainability – to make it clear where your priorities lie, what goals you have set for yourself and what measures you intend to take to achieve them. Strategic communication instead of greenwashing!

Communicating CSR in a way that is appropriate for the target group

You didn’t just discover sustainability yesterday – you have a lot to show and are working with strategic management or are currently preparing your sustainability strategy. But how do you get from strategy to communication? How do you communicate your complex topics to the target groups? And what stories could be most effective for you? Preparation is the key here: in order to provide the right target groups with the right content, a holistic concept is needed. For successful communication you need to know your strengths & weaknesses and choose specifically with which strong stories you want to position yourself on this basis.

Sustainability communication today

It’s nothing new: “Do good and talk about it” has long been the motto of many companies. However, the perception of businesses’ activities today is no longer entirely positive. The social relevance of sustainability has increased significantly. Many companies therefore want to distinguish themselves through sustainability, some out of their own motivation, others driven by their stakeholders. They are met with high expectations from the public and strong interest from the media, which often insinuates that companies are greenwashing. The complexity of the issue does not make it any easier: sustainable management is often associated with conflicting goals and is not least a question of cost. In addition, one is dependent on partners such as NGOs or service providers for many issues – and is jointly liable for their missteps.

The challenge of CSR reporting

The EU Green Deal poses completely new challenges for companies. While the EU has so far relied heavily on voluntarism in the area of sustainability, legal regulations are now increasingly being introduced: for example, the planned CSR reporting obligation (CSRD). With it come standards and specifications for sustainability reporting. Companies must position themselves in time to meet these requirements – and combine these duties with storytelling and creative ideas.

Sustainability communication: credible & strong

Reaching retail partners with the message: We as a manufacturer are doing something for more sustainability
Visibility in the trade press, compact communication via sustainability brochure and a clear message