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With an active positioning at the forefront of the debate: VerbandWERT by E&Z

The Agency for Association Communication

We enhance the profile of associations. With clear messages, we unite members for communication with all stakeholders.

Our services

Strategic Positioning

What makes you unique? As an experienced agency in the field of association communication, we help you identify your brand essence.

  • Environment Analysis
  • Strategy Workshops
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Branding

Public relations

Internal is external: The E&Z-VerbandWERT concept thinks of communication holistically. Starting with your members, we send targeted messages to all stakeholders.

  • Press relations in specialist and leading media
  • Political communication
  • Agenda setting
  • Campaign planning and implementation

Benefits for Members

Sustainability, security of supply and digitalisation: get your members ready for the transformation of your industry. We design precise offers with you that offer real added value.

  • Media training
  • Handouts and guides
  • Cross-channel digitisation strategy
  • Workshops from the E&Z Network

Our experts

Dr. Andreas Bachmeier
Managing Director (Speaker)

Relevance through clear positions

Public discourse is becoming more confusing. Social networks lower the threshold of entry into the debate. A single viral idea on social networks can reach an audience of millions.
This also calls into question associations’ justification for existence.
What competencies do you bring to the table that make you distinctive for your stakeholders? Are you using the full potential of all available communication channels? We help you find answers to these questions.
Because the competition for visibility is also a competition for members. These rightly expect a visible added value through advocacy. Together we develop a distinctive brand essence that secures your place in the public debate.

Your association in transformation

The economy and society are in a state of flux. This is due to megatrends such as digitalisation, stakeholder capitalism and increased consumer demands. With our decades of consulting experience for demanding clients from the food, waste management and energy sectors, among others, we guide you through this transformation of society as a whole.

Target group-specific communication

Are your messages getting through? An unmistakable brand core and answers to the megatrends of our time are a requirement, but not yet a guarantee for successful communication. With our VerbandWERT concept, we have developed a method that supports our clients in positioning the right arguments with the right target groups. Our approach follows a holistic logic. In a first step, we determine the relevant issues within the sector. From this we derive the communication with your members. In a second step, we approach external stakeholders in a targeted manner. Whether consumers, politics or the media: with VerbandWERT your overall presentation is coherent and unique.

Added value for your members

Advocacy is guidance. Your members expect to achieve tangible added value from the cooperation. The sense of entitlement extends beyond communication. As an association, you are a competence centre and transformation engine. As an experienced consultant, we help you to fill this role. With exclusive workshops from the E&Z network, you will impress your members with new ideas for everyday challenges.