Startseite Expertise Change Communication

Understanding, shaping and living diverse change processes

Agency for Change Communication

“The only constant in life is change” – and we support you in this with holistic communication that keeps all stakeholders in mind.

Our services

Strategy Consulting

Change processes require a well thought-out strategy that understands all stakeholders and their needs. Channels and means of communication should be checked for impact and strategic relevance.

  • Channel Analysis and Repositioning
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Communication Strategy

Employer Branding

An authentic employer brand is the cornerstone of modern HR work and reflects the company internally and externally. We support you in presenting your benefits to your target group.

  • Employee surveys
  • Development of a coherent employer brand
  • CEO positioning
  • Testimonial campaigns
  • Target group-specific website concepts

Culture Deck

Culture Decks are a must-have for growth and competitive positioning. We help with the formulation and authentic presentation of the corporate world internally and externally.

  • Development of a vision
  • Mission definition
  • Developing coherent corporate values
  • Creating a meaningful culture deck

Our experts

Frank Schroedter
Managing Director

Strong through the transformation

Structures must be created in all segments to cope with and support the upheavals in the economy and society. As market participants, companies from all sectors are right in the middle of technological, social and economic change. Growth and change are constant challenges that every company has to face. A clear change strategy that analyses and involves all stakeholders is the cornerstone for success. Because regardless of whether it is internal structures, processes or the position on the market: change can affect all areas and directions of a company.

Modern employer communication

Change is made and lived by people. This makes empathetic, authentic employer communication all the more important. It creates a strong employer brand that works internally and externally. Whether employer branding, internal change communication or career websites: We support you in successfully addressing your target group.

Authentic Culture Deck

Mission, vision, values, code of conduct, sustainability strategy – the Culture Deck summarises the most important documents of every company. Developed in Silicon Valley and made big by companies such as Netflix and Facebook, it serves as a compass for internal and external stakeholders and has long since found its place in German companies as well. Whether it’s a one-pager or a booklet, an infographic or a video series: we support you in analysing the most important aspects and components of the culture deck and putting them into a coherent form.