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We protect your reputation

We protect your reputation

Talking about tomorrow also means being able to navigate the way there successfully. More than ever, this is a path of constant transformation and change – with a critical eye on your company and how it deals with it.

This means trust and reputation are becoming increasingly decisive factors for a company´s success – especially during a crisis. With professional crisis communication, we ensure that all your stakeholders perceive you as transparent and credible. This is how we ensure that internal and external expectations regarding information on the situation are handled responsibly. This is the basis and prerequisite for successful reputation protection in critical situations.

We are at your side in every critical situation, for example with

  • Cyber crisis
  • Insolvency
  • Site closure or relocation
  • Cases of fraud
  • Blackmail
  • Compliance violations
  • Product recalls
  • Contamination of products
  • Violations of the Supply Chain Act
  • Accidents
  • Industrial espionage

Ad-hoc crisis consulting

Ad-hoc crises occur suddenly and can threaten your company´s existence. The challenge is big because you have to react immediately. From the beginning, we are at your side to ensure that you get through the crisis well and take back control of your communication.

  • 24/7 crisis availability: We start immediately.
  • Taking on the role of the spokesperson: We take the pressure off you from the very beginning.
  • The right messages: We communicate your point of view to all stakeholders.

Crisis prevention

Especially in the event of a crisis, it becomes clear how important it is to be well prepared. „When there is time“ is not early enough. We make you crisis-proof with our workshops.

  • Crisis check-up: Together we work out the basics of a solid crisis management system.
  • Crisis training: From the front desk to the CEO – we teach every employee how crises work and how they can help to overcome them.
  • Media training: The right appearance with the right words, we train how to convey your messages credibly.
  • Crisis simulation: Rehearse the worst-case scenario with us before it happens.

Ongoing crisis counselling

When dealing with a crisis as a team, everyone must be able to rely on each other. We quickly build up a relationship of trust to create a solid foundation of cooperation. Long-term client relationships are our strength – we have been advising many of our clients for more than five years.

  • What you need when you need it: The right package for you.
  • Strategic crisis consulting: The right steps for your situation.
  • From short interventions to longer change processes: We support you for as long as necessary.

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Peter Jordan

Head of Unit Crisis

Crisis communication: experts since 1985:

At Engel & Zimmermann, we support over 50 clients every year in communicating critical situations.

  • Many years of crisis experience: We have been answering all questions surrounding the topic of crisis communication for four decades.
  • Communicative sensitivity: Together we always strike the right tone for every target group.
  • Challenging cases – no problem: Whatever happens, dealing with crises is part of our DNA.

Industry-specific crisis communication

Different economic sectors have their requirements – this also applies to crisis communication:

  • The necessary sensitivity: In particularly critical industries, communication must be carried out with the appropriate care. We know the pitfalls and peculiarities of communicative fine-tuning.
  • We know our way around:: Our wealth of experience and clientele ranges from the food industry to the energy sector, the healthcare sector, the medium-sized technology industry, and public sector clients.
  • Customers trust us: We support more than 50 customers from various sectors and industries every year.

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