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Communication in the area of tension between politics, business and the public

Agency for Public Affairs

As an agency for political communication, we advise our clients on their political issues and place them in a targeted manner with the central stakeholders.

Our services

Political Consultation

We advise public clients such as ministries, municipalities and associations at the state and federal level in their daily communication work as well as companies in the context of political communication.

  • Implementation of ambitious ministerial campaigns
  • Awareness among key target groups
  • Positioning as an expert among experts and the public
  • Strategic argumentation of the political agenda

Stakeholder Communication

We ensure that the target group adopts both your relevant argumentation and your political issues – and that this reflection is also perceivable in public.

  • Addressing the relevant stakeholders
  • issue placement
  • Political talks
  • Political events

Traditional Press Work

It is often important to gain public attention for your issues. We rely on our broad network of journalists, bloggers and multipliers from politics, business and the public.

  • Media approach
  • Press releases
  • Format development and concept

Civic Participation Processes

The public perception of projects can be crucial for their realisation. We develop formats that promote public acceptance – so that your project becomes a success.

  • Acceptance communication
  • Relevance for and perception of citizens
  • Project communication

Online Communication

Political communication also takes place on digital channels. In order to position your messages in a targeted manner, we support you in the conceptual design as well as with the content and issue identification.

  • Maintenance of digital channels
  • Monitoring
  • Content creation internal/external

Member Communication

Association positioning with relevant target groups is our be-all and end-all. With an analysis of your communicative impact with important internal and external stakeholders, we refine your impact profile.

  • Association positioning with relevant target groups
  • Sharpening the impact profile
  • Analysis of the communicative impact on important internal and external stakeholders
  • Developing fields of action
  • Individually tailored communication measures

Our experts

Dr. Andreas Bachmeier
Managing Director (Speaker)
Eva-Maria Eichenseher
Member of the Management Board

Specifics of digital communication

Digitalisation poses great challenges for political communicators and at the same time creates new opportunities. NGOs, companies and associations are expanding their public affairs activities on the net, parties are courting voters, all according to the concept: follow your audience. The internet has evolved from a mere source of information to an effective communication channel. Nowadays, anyone can create publicity, the target groups are getting younger, the speed of information flow is increasing through social media. At the same time, higher reach can be achieved if campaigns are reduced to the essentials. The opportunities: More attention for complex topics. The tools of digital public affairs are perfectly suited for bottom-up approaches in which pressure is built up on political decision-makers from below.

Media differentiation

The “general public” disappears in favour of individual communication.
With his video “The destruction of the CDU”, the influencer Rezo triggered a broad social debate shortly before the 2019 European elections, which was conducted in all conventional media and also discussed internationally. This and other also very successful videos by the blogger clearly show that the way the media works has fundamentally changed: Individual contributions are received by millions of people in a very short time.
It is therefore important to adjust to the disappearance of the previous general public in favour of individual communication. Policies and the regulatory frameworks they shape depend largely on sentiments that are significantly shaped by individuals.

Security of supply

The rising costs and shortages of raw materials affect almost all areas of daily life and will be one of the biggest political issues in the future. Price increases and measures to save gas are dominating the news and contributing to people’s uncertainty. In addition, you have the demand for an energy transition and the question of how this is to be achieved in times of shortages. Targeted communication and the inclusion of one’s own position at all relevant levels is more important than ever.

Renewable energies

Energy transformation 2.0 is not only a concern for the federal and state governments, but also for cities and municipalities. The German Ministry of Economics has already given clear impulses for a rapid expansion of alternative energies. However, there are still political circumstances that are challenging and slow down the expansion. It remains to be seen when a nationwide energy transition will be implemented. Nevertheless, early influence is possible and, above all, important.

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