Business to Business

B2B companies often offer technical products that require explanation and are only of interest to selected target groups. This variant of targeted sales support requires sustainable relationships with the editorial teams of relevant trade magazines. Own LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channels as well as the communicative support of events and industry trade fairs round off the B2B communication.

Changes & Internal

The world is spinning faster and faster. If you want to react agilely as a company and employer and still maintain a clear positioning, you need strategic, effective, and credible change communication.
Even in the greatest upheaval, the identity and employer brand must continue to be clearly delineated and communicated. We help you to drive a clear line in the chaos – towards all stakeholders.

CSR & Sustainability

Sustainability is as relevant as it is complex. We know the pitfalls, advise you comprehensively on the path to credible communication, and create CSR reports that are tailored to the target group. We keep an eye on social trends as well as industry issues and know what challenges, opportunities and risks are associated with sustainability communication. In doing so, we draw on the expertise from our own sustainability management, as E&Z is certified according to the ZNU Sustainable Business Standard.


Good management and the wise use of resources are essential for modern digital communication.

As an agency for digital communication, we know the relevant channels and their particularities. We have coordinated processes and the right communicative sense for potential dangers as well as potentials. The central goal is to sustainably improve the online reputation of companies and to support them as a professional communication partner in all emerging challenges.


The food industry has to meet the demands of many target groups: above all consumers, trade partners, NGOs and politicians. In order to be perceived as a responsible and forward-looking company in this environment, food communication must be absolutely stringent and credible. As a food agency, we know which information is relevant for the media and which is not. Our industry access and monitoring tools ensure that we identify critical issues early and prepare food producers for them. Conversely, as an agency for food communication, we have the expertise to bring brands and products together with traditional media, both online and offline, and to set up cross-media campaigns. Our experience shows that brand communication, sustainability communication and successful crisis communication are the most important disciplines in the FMCG sector. We master them and therefore create the conditions to protect the reputation of food producers or to communicate their services to the different target groups.


The healthcare industry is facing fundamental changes that affect hospitals, health insurers and other healthcare providers alike. Whether it is a change project such as a hospital closure, an acute crisis, a repositioning of your own brand or the digitalisation of communication – as an experienced agency for health communication, we are the right experts at your side. See for yourself.


Whether new mobility, renewable energy or new buildings – the expansion of infrastructure always requires smart dialogue planning in addition to clear project planning.

It is important to gain and maintain communication authority and public attention in infrastructure projects. We put the focus on strategic argumentation: We resolve the media and structural disadvantage of the YES compared to the NO with suitable communication measures and create acceptance among citizens and politicians.


Compliance, recalls, cyber: in our company’s history, we have handled a wide variety of cases.

Whenever there is a communication “fire”, we are there for you. We know from our many years of experience that prevention is the be-all and end-all. Although anything can happen in a crisis, it pays to be prepared. That is why we have developed a service portfolio to make you crisis-ready – from status quo analysis to workshops and simulations. So that you are well positioned should the worst happen.

Public Affairs

Targeted communication is the key to success for ministries, associations and companies.

Political communication therefore includes, in addition to traditional press relations, practical formats and efficient instruments that work directly in the direction of political and social stakeholders. It is necessary to gain and maintain political communication sovereignty and public attention. In doing so, we focus on strategic argumentation. Issues determine the political agenda, which is why traditional networking is increasingly losing its importance. We ensure that the target group adopts your relevant argumentation.


Business and society are in a state of upheaval. We help associations navigate the increasingly confusing public discourse. This requires answers to global megatrends, crystal-clear positioning, and a lean, targeted approach to political communications (All-round strike was yesterday).
We help from the local communication campaign to the big digital impact.