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Content. Content. Content. Our agency solutions help with creation & monitoring

Agency for Digital Communication

We have the right tools to keep an eye on fast-moving and reliable content on the web and to position a wide variety of corporate issues correctly.

Our services

Community Management

We support professional and fast communication through digital channels in order to meet the increasing expectations of stakeholders.

  • Use of a market-leading social media management tool
  • Support of social media consumer communication
  • Support also on weekends and holidays
  • Content creation with our own graphics department

Online Monitoring

Many of our customers have a good view of their own digital content. But what about mentions on Twitter, in blogs or online news that fall beyond this scope?

  • Use of the market-leading online monitoring solution
  • 100% relevance through manual processing of hits
  • Individual intervals and alignment (e. g. competitor monitoring)

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for B2B communication. We have therefore concentrated our efforts on LinkedIn and have specialized in the skills needed to navigate this platform. We can support you with experienced experts, whether your looking to fine tune your company’s profile, or whether your looking to further your CEO positioning. Our services include:

  • LinkedIn strategy + concept development
  • LinkedIn channel management
  • Content creation (supported by our in house Graphics Department)

Social Media + Website

Content creation, whether for social media or your website, is not as easy as it seems. It is time consuming, not to mention mentally and financially exhausting . That being said, it’s important to have a well thought-out strategy, otherwise you’ll find trying to navigate these platforms will prove fruitless. To that end, things like target groups, goals, language, etc. must be clearly defined.

Our services to help you in that endeavor include:

  • A real-time analysis of your social media channels & website
  • Strategy workshops
  • Support throughout the implementation of your chosen strategy

Our experts

Christoph Reiners
Data Analyst

You cannot not communicate (digitally)

The challenge of modern digital communication lies in the management and sensible use of resources. A good overview of all channels and their particularities, coordinated processes and the right feeling for potential “dangers” as well as potentials are essential. We have been identifying and communicating the right topics for our clients for more than a decade. The analysis of our own as well as third-party content from news, blogs/forums and social media is an essential part of our digital consulting. The central goal is always to sustainably improve the online reputation of companies and to support them as a professional communication partner in all emerging challenges.

Community management 24/7

To us, modern digital consumer communication has two main goals: Speed & Security. To ensure this, we offer up to three checks on weekdays and two checks of all channels on weekends / public holidays. In our experience, there is an increased risk of reputational damage, especially outside business hours. Whether it is a complaint about a foreign object in the product or other forms of hostility, delayed action can quickly get out of control.

The 1x1 of online monitoring

One thing first: No, Google Alerts do not replace a professional monitoring tool. We use a market-leading monitoring solution to achieve the best possible coverage. Customised issues consisting of keywords to be included and excluded form the basis of the search. Ongoing adjustment is required to further improve the incoming results. With our online monitoring, we stand for 100% relevance of the hits. We achieve this by manually reviewing and categorising all hits so that, for example, the tonality is set correctly. Detailed reports, which can also include competition or relevant industry topics, are delivered at individual times. Ad hoc alerts on crisis topics as part of our professional online reputation management round off the service.