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Communication made by ChatGPT – Agencies soon AI-powered?

ChatGPT has hit like a bomb: 100 million users after just a few weeks. Can artificial intelligence make our work easier? Or even replace a communications professional?

OpenAI’s new chat bot is supposed to be able to write blog posts, social media posts and white papers. And at the same time make search engine giant Google tremble. Many communication experts are asking themselves: Can AI replace me? We answer this question.

Daniel Grau
07. March 2023
Digital communication

Justified hype?

The hype is huge. ChatGPT is here. While you’re still stuck on the second paragraph of your blog article, the intelligent language module has written 50.
Creative blockade? No way!
You may need that third coffee to get the words flowing again, but ChatGPT tirelessly generates line after line, paragraph after paragraph.
Does the progress of artificial intelligences hang like a Damocles sword over all our heads? Should communicators and PR professionals retrain?
Anyone who has spent enough time with the new software knows the answer to this question. In fact, we all sense what communications experts have always known: people follow people. Not machines.
But first, credit where credit is due. ChatGPT can already simplify some processes. We already see three areas where time can be saved:

1. research

As a language model, ChatGPT was trained with an incredibly large amount of texts from the Internet. A useful side effect: ChatGPT knows quite a lot. To get a first overview about a topic, just ask ChatGPT. Important: Check results and look for further points. Example:

Especially for niche topics ChatGPT can give a helpful first overview.

We emphasize once again: Do not fall into the comfort of relying 100% on these results. Further research and verification is necessary. Sometimes ChatGPT is simply off the mark.

2. ideas

Staring at a blank page for hours but lacking a creative sparring partner? ChatGPT can be a support here as well. The ideas of the software will rarely be perfect, but as impulses they can always generate momentum. Ask for slogans for your new organic yogurt.

Are these slogans usable? Hardly.
But they raise interesting angles (focus on health, focus on environment, focus on well-being…). To revive a brainstorming session that has fallen asleep, such suggestions can be just the thing.

3. drafting

A first draft of text can be tedious. Whether it’s a press release or a social media post, it’s often easier to improve a bad text than to write it from scratch. To overcome this first hurdle, ChatGPT is the perfect assistant. How should I formulate the next LinkedIn post?

Will these posts go down like a bomb with your target group? Definitely: No. But if we don’t consider them to be final texts, but rather suggestions from our somewhat crazy social media intern, then we can use and evaluate them as such. Nothing more, nothing less.
Before protests start: Of course, changing the instructions can generate different and sometimes more accurate texts. But one thing remains: ChatGPT remains a machine. Use a minute and ask yourself: What did you feel when you read the three examples?

Authenticity will be the hallmark of successful companies and brands.

People follow people. We are more connected than ever. And yet we long for one thing above all: genuine authenticity. We want to feel that there is a person behind the lines. Faces hiding behind the logo. We don’t want to read soft-washed Wikipedia texts.

  • We want communication that triggers something in us.
  • We want creativity, vulnerability – in short: authenticity.

ChatGPT and other AI applications can create space now and in the future by taking repetitive and time-consuming tasks off our hands.

  • Space for more empathy. Who are we actually talking to?
  • More creativity. How do we say it differently?
  • And more personality. Who are we ourselves?

Our call: now is the time for courage to be authentic. After all, ChatGPT itself states:

“As an AI language model, my goal is not to replace human jobs, but to support and complement them by performing language-related tasks faster and more accurately, freeing up time for humans to focus on higher-level, creative and strategic work.”

We are a PR and communications agency. If you want to communicate effectively and authentically, contact us here: or directly via LinkedIn. Get it done!

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