Startseite Tindle: More than just another meat substitute

Tindle: More than just another meat substitute

Bringing new food to life through people and product PR

E&Z’s challenge: Market entry in Germany

“Ridiculously good chicken made from plants.”

This is the promise of Tindle, a company founded in Singapore. In order to take off in Germany as well, Tindle needed a good start with the relevant trade press and the general public.

The market launch in the food sector, especially around the topic of new food, must be well planned. The conventional reservations about new food innovations (“too artificial”, “unhealthy”, etc.) must be removed and the product itself must be well explained.


E&Z’s approach: Bringing new food to life

Food has to be experienced live.

Engel&Zimmermann therefore recommended that Tindle hold a PR event in Hamburg in the vicinity of Internorga, as TINDLE is initially to be established in the food service sector. The food was to be experienced locally with all people’s senses.

New food innovations usually require a lot of explanation. The event gave Tindle the chance to explain in detail how the product is made.

In the run-up, we approached the relevant media individually, explained the background, the news content and conducted a realistic evaluation of expectations. This is important because very often exclusivity (of the news) is the motivation for reporting.


E&Z’s results: PR event yields media success

Despite restrictions by Corona, 11 media outlets attended the evening event at Kitchenlab in May – from trade media to daily newspapers to popular titles.

Tasting the products in a hip ambience and getting to know the management created a positive atmosphere and made the PR event a media success. Fast forward – Tindle has established itself as a constant in the German food market.

Frank Schroedter

Managing Director

Engel & Zimmermann
Schloss Fußberg
Am Schlosspark 15
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