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Siemens: Back to the office

During the pandemic, we all became very used to working from home. How do we get workers excited about returning to the office?

E&Z’s challenge: Back to the office after the pandemic... do we have to?

After the pandemic, Siemens Financial Services wanted to encourage its employees to embrace a “new normal” and return to work at its Neuperlach site. Numerous new spaces for creative work and collaboration have been created at the site, combined with a shared desk system and a hybrid attendance system – in other words, a completely new world of work that needed to be discovered. In order not to exclude the colleagues who came during the pandemic, we did not want to emphasise “coming back”, but to make it like an onboarding for all. At the same time, a lot of space was given to all concerns and worries about the transition.

E&Z’s approach: Enthusiasm only possible through experience

Various measures were developed to discover the new world of work. Under the campaign slogan “Servus Perlach!”, various print media were designed for the building: Posters, signs with motivational slogans and explanations for the new rooms. In addition, breakfast and after-work events were implemented under strict hygiene conditions in order to make the “we” feeling a pull factor for the office. A digital scavenger hunt was organised for on-site engagement, in which all rooms are walked through and discovered. Via QR code at various stations, the possibilities and contents of the rooms were shown with videos and photos and letters were searched for a solution word.

E&Z’s results: Experiencing the “new normal” with enthusiasm

The response to the posters, the events and the scavenger hunt was very good. The staff members have explored the new areas and given positive feedback on the redesign. In addition, the events were a welcome and much-used opportunity to rediscover a sense of togetherness.

Frank Schroedter

Managing Director

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