Startseite Pfeifer & Langen: Award-winning Sustainability Report

Pfeifer & Langen: Award-winning Sustainability Report

Do sustainability reports really have to be boring numerical documents?

E&Z’s challenge: Communicating diverse sustainability management effectively

Sustainability is complicated. Many companies are therefore faced with a crucial challenge: How do we communicate our sustainability management approach in all its facets continuously and interestingly at the same time? The sustainability report seems to be a solution to the first part of this question, but does that automatically make it a boring numerical document? For our client Pfeifer & Langen, we took on the challenge: A NH report without the boredom.


E&Z’s approach: A comprehensive sustainability report - as short and concise as possible

Sustainability reports are often misunderstood as merely a reporting document that must be exhaustive. We are convinced (and prove it through our work) that they can be a powerful document for sustainability communication in all directions. In workshops and close cooperation, we worked out the important and emotional issues surrounding sustainability at Pfeifer & Langen, and then brought them to life with succinctly formulated texts and compelling imagery.


E&Z’s results: On the global winner’s podium

The combination of good topic preparation, effective texts and dynamic imagery paid off: The Pfeifer & Langen sustainability report was awarded the silver medal in the global sugar category – a great success!

Frank Schroedter

Managing Director

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