Startseite ONEO: Shaping the future of energy

ONEO: Shaping the future of energy

Energy promotion and Ampfing have gone hand in hand for decades. We support the energy company ONEO in leading the tradition into the future and creating acceptance for it locally.

E&Z’s challenge: Energy transition with tradition

ONEO is an energy company that has always combined the best of two worlds: traditional oil and gas production and the development of renewable energies.
The site in Ampfing has a decades-long tradition of oil production, so ONEO wanted to resume this and redevelop its existing fields.
This is communicatively challenging, as the (historical) oil production forms the identity of the place, but on the other hand the shift to renewable energies has already been demanded throughout Germany.
It involved the monitoring of a so-called drilling campaign over several years. The objective: Dialogue and transparency in the entire communicative process in order to create basic trust and acceptance for the project.


E&Z’s approach: Continuity is key

Project communication via all channels:

  • Developing a clear story/message: The latest technologies make it possible to extract domestic crude oil economically and thus contribute to energy independence. At the same time, we ensure sustainable energy production afterwards through geothermal reuse.
  • Conducting active civic dialogue: continuous dialogue with local politicians, media, stakeholders, multipliers, information and dialogue with citizens and residents via project office on site, own project website, information events, guided tours, dialogue email, informational materials.
  • E&Z = first contact for the press and politicians, visible part of the ONEO project team
  • Closely meshed monitoring and evaluation
  • Planning visible local engagement (e.g. active participation in local and regional events, individual fundraising activities).

E&Z’s results: Sentiment remains positive

Extensive and, above all, continuous communicative measures that accompanied the project at every stage led to a positive prevailing mood – among politicians, citizens and the media.
Concerns, fears and reservations about the project could be countered at an early stage.
The media coverage is extensive and positive in tenor.
The open and transparent dialogue led to acceptance for and trust in ONEO’s activities.
The project continues to be supported and driven forward by E&Z with regard to content and communication. Now: transformation towards geothermal energy use on site.

Eva-Maria Eichenseher

Member of the Management Board