Startseite Honest commitment made visible – this is how effective sustainability communication works

Honest commitment made visible – this is how effective sustainability communication works

  • 5 steps to visibility
  • Lighthouses and core message
  • Inform concisely & emotionally
  • Consulting on current developments
  • Self-confident, honest and credible – this is what the sustainability communication we prefer to create as a PR agency looks like. Engel & Zimmermann focuses on PR-relevant topics, weighs up risk factors and keeps an eye on ongoing developments, for example, on the EU’s Green Claims Initiative. This expertise is also used by a medium-sized food producer who has the best conditions for credible sustainability communication: environmental management has been firmly anchored in the family business for over 20 years. At the same time, the medium-sized company is a pioneer in many areas of more sustainable products and is always at the forefront in the development of innovative packaging solutions, for example.

    From doing to talking about it: 5 steps to visibility

    Precisely because the company has taken and planned a great number of measures for more sustainability, the question arises: How can it combine this diversity, communicate it to the outside world and thus be perceived by customers as an expert for more sustainable products? The Engel & Zimmermann team addressed precisely these questions and, together with the client, launched an effective sustainability communication in five steps:

    1. Identify lighthouse issues of sustainability
    2. Develop a communicative umbrella for sustainability in the company
    3. Present the commitment concisely and emotionally in a brochure
    4. Make the company visible through targeted press relations
    5. Stay on the ball and consult on critical issues

    Communicative lighthouses and the one strong message

    First, it was crucial to structure the many measures. Together with all the experts from the specialist departments of the family-owned company – from raw material purchasing to packaging development – Engel & Zimmermann held a workshop to discuss which topics are suitable as lighthouse topics for communication. The requirements: These must be relevant for the press and the public, well-founded in the company through corresponding measures for more sustainability and also controllable. For example, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is generally suitable for communication in the area of climate protection. Offsetting is less suitable because companies are usually dependent on partners for this (read our white paper “Sustainability communication in the context of climate neutrality”).

    Based on the lighthouse topics and the food producer’s self-image, Engel & Zimmermann developed a communicative umbrella: a strong message is to contribute to the customer being directly associated with more sustainability in the future. A compass serves as an image to convey exactly that.

    Compact, emotional and continuous: brochure and press relations

    Because a compass helps you stay on course, and that is exactly what the food producer does for its customers: It is close to the consumer and develops suitable products. At the same time, the commitment comes from within the company out of conviction. This is precisely the spirit that the brochure developed by Engel & Zimmermann conveys. Compact and emotional, informative and, at appropriate instances, also in-depth.

    In parallel, Engel & Zimmermann implemented continuous press relations in the form of press releases on sustainability issues and proactive contact with the trade press. In this way, the medium-sized company is always visible to relevant decision-makers with sustainability issues.

    Engel & Zimmermann provides ongoing support and consulting

    Ongoing consultation is very important in the support of sustainability communication. Not only does Engel & Zimmermann stay abreast of current developments, such as the Green Claims Initiative (see our 4th Climate Dialogue), the PR experts also accompany the client on request in dealing with enquiries from the press and NGOs.

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