Startseite Future-proofing a brand: HABA FAMILYGROUP

Future-proofing a brand: HABA FAMILYGROUP

Transformation starts inside. Work culture for the next generation.

E&Z’s challenge: Generation change = brand change?

The HABA FAMILYGROUP is an internationally operating, third-generation family business from Bad Rodach in Franconia. The brands of the group of companies include HABA, JAKO-O, HABA Pro and the HABA Digital Workshop. The broad portfolio ranges from games and play goods to fashion and everyday essentials to spatial concepts and digital educational offerings. In order to be future-proof and to reflect the international service portfolio, the handover to the current generation was accompanied by a brand switch in 2021. In this context, the vision, mission and values were reviewed and updated in order to present the company in an authentic and modern way both internally and externally.


E&Z's approach: Mission, vision, values

E&Z developed and implemented B2B communication measures such as press events and information material. The generational change with a new name and corporate design required a culture deck of mission, values and vision that authentically portrayed what the company is all about. The roots in Bad Rodach played just as important a role as the aspects of sustainability and a forward-looking spirit, which are practised in the company by focusing on the target group of children and families. The key points were developed in several strategy and working workshops over a period of 6 months. Subsequently, the results were prepared in communication materials (internal brochures, sustainability report, press kit) for various stakeholders.

E&Z’s results: Entering the next generation with strong leadership

After intensive internal work and internal communication, the new brand image was presented to the public at a press conference with media impact and has since been brought to life.

Frank Schroedter

Managing Director

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