Ongoing relevance

All business models now depend on remaining in sync with the company and its stakeholders, otherwise failure and a swift market exit are inevitable. Now more than ever, entrepreneurial activity has to meet society’s demands. As well as the right attitude, it also means ensuring the right products and taking all the factors that help shape the personal image into account. NGOs, associations, politics, consumers and citizens – they can all help or hinder.

However, the need to be mindful of ongoing and critical scrutiny applies to more than just companies linked to daily life, nutrition or health. Energy companies, service providers and medium-sized companies in all sectors have also become quasi-public institutions and thus public actors in what is an ever-changing communications society.

We devise dedicated communication strategies for dialog with the public and PR work and select the best tools to convey corporate messages to target group audiences. At Engel & Zimmermann, addressing the media, stakeholders and consumers on all channels is just as important as the one-stop crisis prevention and communication service we offer.