Relevance and public perception

Amid the hectic interplay between politics, business and the general public, public institutions find it
increasingly challenging to convey the right message, especially when budgets are tight.

Targeted and easily understandable communication is what underpins success for ministries, associations and companies. In addition to traditional press work, it also uses practical formats and efficient instruments that have a direct impact on political and social stakeholders. The goal is common to all actors: to achieve relevance and public awareness. It is important to win and maintain control over the message and public attention to it.

Here, Engel & Zimmermann focuses on strategic arguments. Since topics dictate the political agenda, the importance of classical networking has declined. We ensure the target group adopts your relevant argumentation – with a response that the public can also see.

Arguing strategically

  • Ministries react not only to global economic and political developments, but also to public opinion, which seems to change from one day to the next.
  • Associations often have to reconcile wide-ranging and diverging member interests with the need to defend interests of the state and the general public.
  • Companies, in turn, operate increasingly as social actors and the criterion of their socio-political environment has become just as crucial as their economic success. Taking ever-more complex legislative procedures and the increased public hunger for information into consideration is also imperative.