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With media training from Engel & Zimmermann, increase your impact in public appearances and in the media.


Companies from all industries find themselves in the public spotlight more and more. Every day we see new media reports from undercover reporters, consumer advocates, lawyers fighting for consumer rights, or whole teams exposing new scandals. Exposés are booming and a scandal is often leveraged as a tool to boost awareness. Conversely, consumers are also becoming increasingly critical. They no longer want good products alone, but also good companies, too. Thanks to modern smartphone communication technology, everyone can take on a reporting role and become would-be sleuths with home-made video recordings. Companies can meet these challenges with compliance and sustainability strategies that must be credibly represented in the media. You may also have to defend yourself against insinuations and face one-sided reporting. The media training courses of Engel & Zimmermann can help ready you for such challenges. With camera exercises, rhetoric training and message workshops, we prepare you optimally and individually for your appearance. For more information on how our training courses unfold, please refer to the section below.