Modern consumer communication

…links your customers to your own brand and is a key element of crisis prevention – a challenge not all companies can meet in this era of ever-growing consumer demands.

Consumers of today are sophisticated, informed and networked. For this reason many companies are sceptical about consumers’ new power, which they may even see as a threat to their own reputation. But every company wants to keep consumers on board, and taking their wishes, fears and criticisms seriously is a definite win-win for both sides.

With this in mind, as well as underpinning crisis prevention, consistent consumer communication should also be a stand-out feature for every company. It shapes brand perception – criticism handled appropriately and with the right approach makes the consumer an ideal brand ambassador in the social web. Conversely, relativisations, evasive responses or inappropriate responses to errors may have serious ramifications – including media coverage of a company’s unsuccessful consumer communication.