Dominik Brunner Foundation

On 12 September 2009, Dominik Brunner shielded a group of children at a Munich suburban railway station and paid with his life for showing such courage in an atrocity that horrified Germany. In memory of the deceased, relatives and friends, as well as ERLUS AG, where he was a member of the Executive Board, founded the Dominik Brunner Foundation the same year.

The foundation is committed to championing values of courage and moral authority as well as spearheading humanity, charity and citizenship as key social values. It wants to achieve this through active education and raising awareness among the population, supporting projects to prevent violence and helping victims subject to violence as a result of their moral courage.

Andreas Voelmle, Senior consultant and partner at Engel & Zimmermann, is a board member of the foundation and supports them as press officer in all PR matters. Moreover, all our employees donate their speaker fees to the foundation.

Website of the Dominik Brunner Foundation: